A one-shot where Justin and his girlfriends friend get into an argument about his girlfriend being upset/ or mad at him (but she got over it, but her friend was pissed anyway)?

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"Justin, really? You’re going out and causing a ruckus while your girlfriend has been feeling like shit?" You heard your friend yell at Justin.

This week just hasn’t really been your week, and you wanted someone to be there for you. Justin has been going out to the studio while you’re here at your house needing attention.

The only person that would be able to comfort you is Justin, but he was too busy, so instead, you had your friend come over and comfort you. When she asked why Justin isn’t here, and you told her the answer, she was pissed.

Justin got home a few minutes ago, all smiles and being so happy to see you, but instead he was greeted by a very unhappy girl, which wasn’t you. Since he came home, she had been yelling at him while he would somewhat take it, but he was confused on the most part.

"I didn’t really know th-" Justin started but was quickly cut off.

"How can you not know?!" She yelled.

You sighed, rubbing your temples. Really, this is something you can get over quickly, and having Justin here is fine and your friend can go. But all this yelling is going to make it worse. 

You get up from your seat in your room and walk out to where the two were having their argument. “Look, it’s okay. He’s here now. You can go home now.” You spoke to your friend.

Justin walked over to you and engulfed you in his arms. He whispered things like, “I didn’t know,” “Why didn’t you tell me you were upset?” “I’m sorry,” and as he spoke he rubbed your back and held your face to his chest gently.

"(Y/N), you’re not mad at him?" Your friend spoke up after about 30 seconds of silence and only Justin’s soft whispering. She shifted her weight to her left leg, crossing her arms.

"Why would I be mad at him? He has a life and friends," You responded, pulling away from the hug and looked at your friend, anger obviously written all over her facial expression.

"I really didn’t know she was upset," Justin stated truthfully, rubbing the back of his neck in shame.

You giggled lightly, then walked to your friend. “Really, you can go. I can settle this with Justin.” You smiled slightly, giving a quick hug to her.

She nods then looks to Justin, “I’m still pissed. But,” she sighs, “Get your shit together, Bieber.”

Justin nods respectfully, as if your friend was a higher respected person in a top company. 

With that, she turns to walk out the door but before she actually does, she remarks, “I mean it Bieber, I will hurt you if you don’t get your shit together.”

Once she’s gone, Justin pulls you into another hug, but this time he actually lifts you up and takes you back to your room. He lays you on the bed and speaks, “Wait here,” then turns to leave the room.

He comes back in less than two minutes with a bowl of popcorn and lots of snacks along with lots of drinks.

"Tonight," He begins as he sets the items down on the nightstand and some on the bed, "You, me, the bed, and the TV. All night long, and hell, maybe into the next day. I need some more time with you."


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Don’t Look Back; Part II/Final

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Part 1


❊ (Word count: 1,650

5 months later.

It’s been five months and you haven’t talked to Justin since that day. For the first few weeks, he’d keep calling and texting you, wanting to know where you were. You never told him, and you don’t plan to.

You had your own place now. Your friends and their boyfriends decided to help you and got your stuff from Justin’s house, and they all chipped in to get you a small but completely comfortable apartment. 

Today was a day off from work, which was really appreciated because your boss seems to be having a hard time, causing her to bitch and moan about the smallest things, again. So because of that, she took out her stress on everyone around her, which causes you to be stressed out, too.

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